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Pylon Sign

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We've been in the signage industry since 2003 and have been providing design to some notable companies like san miguel, avon, shell, wil tower mall, vista residences, megaworld, sm malls and alphaland corporation

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Whatever the demand of your business might take you, our products and services can meet you there.

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Custom Pylon Sign

We provide pylon sign from structural design, 3d perspective rendering, pylon elevations and electrical provisions.

Elegant Pylon Sign

We can provide a better solution to elevate your brand and make it shine in the crowd

Aluring Pylon Sign

We make sure that our pylon sign is made of high quality imported materials and carefully crafted from design and fabrication to installation.


With our custom fabrication and design, we can make your pylon sign stand out in the crowd!

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Our Facilities

Bacoor Office, 2 Mini Lounges, Guest Room, Canteen and more than 500 sqm Signage Production

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